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04 May

Counseling is a dialogue, not a lecture

Created by Shannon May.

Philosophical counseling, or any other form of counseling, is sometimes thought as being a passive act in which the counselor provides the counselee with some form of insight or knowledge that is supposed to address the issue at stake.  This view is inaccurate, for it disregards the dialogue, the common exploration, and the collaboration involved in working towards the well being of the counselee.

Recently, a friend of mine stated that I “fix” people.  Surprised by the remark, I responded that the ideas, perspectives, and examples that I present to people are tools to be employed together, as appropriate for the circumstances.  People I counsel have a responsibility to work on the things they want to change for better.  To the best of my abilities, I walk with them, as equals, through their philosophical inquiry.  Counseling is a dialogue, not a lecture.