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14 June

Beauty as motivator

Created by the Russian artist Sceith.

In one of my previous posts I wrote about the fact that people can change to became better human beings. Among the things that could motivate us to change and improve ourselves is beauty. Beauty goes beyond our cultural backgrounds and the environment in which we live; it appeals to that part of our soul that can transform and purify us. Sometimes beauty touches us through the eyes of a loved one, or through the fragility of a flower. Sometimes it is revealed to us through a dream. Sometimes it comes from within and sometimes from the outside.

When we see beauty we may feel the need to look at it, to let her go through us, to understand it, to learn from it, to make it part of our lives, and to let our thoughts and actions be permeated by it. Beauty can be a powerful motivator for change. If we can accept its presence it makes us more human, gentle, and compassionate. In order to be touched and motivated by beauty we have to tend to our soul, open our eyes so that we see it when it appears in the fleeting moments of our lives, and open the door for it.

28 March

On the importance of meetings

Every now and then we suddenly meet people that have a positive influence on us. Through their way of being, these people inspire us and help us realize that we are not alone in our quest for the life goals we set for ourselves: understanding the world around us, improving ourselves, helping others, etc.

It is important to acknowledge and cherish these meetings as great parts of our lives for they are moments in which we “give and take” from our hearts. It is this exchange that crosses both nurture and nature that shows the beauty in the meetings of the minds.