George Andersen

Philosophical Counselor

08 January
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What is it

  • A collaborative dialogue between two individuals whose goal is to improve the life of the client.
  • A process that uses philosophical insights in dealing with real-life issues to alleviate suffering, distress, and confusion.
  • An activity that creates an open environment that leads to the resolution of personal problems and concerns.

(paraphrased from Peter B. Raabe’s book “Issues in Philosophical Counseling”, 2002)

What is it not

  • Academic philosophy
  • Applied philosophy
  • Psychotherapy
  • A scientific endeavor
  • Religious counseling
  • Casual conversation

What it does

  • It constructs a philosophical framework for locating the problem experienced by the client and its possible resolutions.

What it does not

  • Diagnose or cure physical or neurological illnesses.
  • Predict or reliably modify the behavior of dangerously unstable or malevolent persons.
  • Reliably predict its chances of success or failure with a given client.

What are the benefits

  • Becoming clear about your beliefs and values
  • Working out how to achieve your goals
  • Achieving greater self-understanding
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